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The Future is now

Computational Form Finding Workshop

Parametric Workshop | 5 Days | 10, 11, 12, 13, 20 June 2021

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Session Overview

Kickstart your journey on Parametric Architecture & Computational Design Domain with this Powerpack 5-day Online Workshop.

Introduction and in-depth lessons on Rhino & Grasshopper.

Exploring the realms of Data Structure in Architecture and Computation, followed by thorough dive into plugins like Kangaroo, & Weaverbird. Form Finding of Designs using Algorithms, Evolution, and Mathematical Processes with Integrated Design Competition.
Learn about Digital Fabrication and Execution of Parametric Projects with Leading Architect in the field, followed by a Virtual Exhibition on 29th November.

What will you learn?

- Introduction to Parametric Domain for the beginners.
- Skyscraper Designs and Parametric Façade Explorations.
- Introduction and Manipulation of Meshes.
- Form Finding Techniques.
- Introduction to Plug-ins like
Kangaroo, Weaverbird
- Simulation of Antoni Gaudi’s Reverse hanging method
- Minimal Surface Development
- Study on Frei Otto’s Soap Bubble’s Experiments
- Generation of forms through Evolution
- Design Reviews in
Virtual Exhibition

Registration charges

Scholarships available on group entries and student registrations.


About the mentor


Chinmay Gaur

Co-Founder - Equim Private Limited

Chinmay Gaur always had keen interest in coding and therefore, pursued it further in architecture by applying the concepts of parametric architecture and computational design in his practice. For the thesis project during college, his research on & the span of the evolution of Architecture in India’ explored parametric style that is the future of architecture. 

He was working at Design Forum International, New-Delhi before he co-founded his architectural and educational firm. Having great passion for revolutionizing the education of architects, he has given many Guest Lectures and Webinars.


"In this Pandemic, I have already done 2 workshops...but none of the faculty had this level of dedication and also this level of interactive workshop. With the amount of patience Chinmay Sir cleared our doubts and that to one to what the student's satisfaction is! Yes, having a competition after the workshop is surely the best introduction from the Equim! You've set the standard for all the workshops being conducted online! Feeling proud to become part of this Community Finally, I am PARAMETRIZED!"

- Rupin Kasliwal

"I have taken many courses on grasshopper/rhino but I was never able to join the dots, just could understand few components. This workshop helped me learn new components and what they perform and also helped me join the dots in a structured way and hence I was able to learn a lot more in 4 days than what I've learned in 1-1½years"

- Siddhant Ullal

"It was just a dream, before 5 days just installed grasshopper and now working on the designs. Getting a good mentor is very difficult but he was extraordinary. I was very lucky to be a part of this workshop and very enthusiastic to take one step forward in my architecture life. The competition was very good and fun working with random people from india. Loved the way the workshop went on. I hope i start practicing every day. Thanks for having me as a part in the workshop. And very thankful for helping me to start my parametric design process. Thanks♥️♥️"

- Deva Dharshini

“It was just an Instagram story that turned into the foundation of my understanding of Rhino Grasshopper. I have been to workshops before and this much interaction between the students and the host was never there. I mostly think it is because of the limited seats that they provide, has given to the possibility of everyone getting individual attention from the Speaker. During the course, I loved how the speaker compared the concepts to how we can work with them in the architectural aspects, in a very clear way. Would recommend the workshop to all my juniors who will need the understanding of concepts better than just the process of making the scripts or models.”

- Geetham Pasumarty

"This was a completely new direction for me and I've learnt a lot. It was really nice to see the enthusiasm with which the softwares were taught. The workshop wasnt limited to just softwares. What made it more imteresting than other workshops was the fact that they wanted to teach more than just the softwares. Great learning experience."

- Harshita Sethi

"The workshop helped me in kick starting a new journey towards designing a parametric way of living. So, it not only helped me in shaping my visualization skill but also helped me in understanding how grasshopper helps me in finding solution to the design that comes out of my mind."


- Prakash GSM

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