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"In this Pandemic, I have already done 2 workshops...but none of the faculty had this level of dedication and also this level of interactive workshop. With the amount of patience Chinmay Sir cleared our doubts and that to one to one...is what the student's satisfaction is! Yes, having a competition after the workshop is surely the best introduction from the Equim! You've set the standard for all the workshops being conducted online! Feeling proud to become part of this Community Finally, I am PARAMETRIZED!"

Rupin Kasliwal



Vision drives Equim.


Vision of Dependable Architects Working Together for Better Tomorrow.


At Equim, we believe that Education is Key to understanding the requirements of the Market and Social Situations.

With the Growing Population, we are producing more and more Carbon Footprint every day.  We believe it’s our Duty to Educate the Future Architects, so, they become Informed Planners by understanding the need to Upgrade our Conventional Architectural Methodologies.


With Parametric Workflow merged with Sustainable Architecture, Smart Optimized and Adaptive Built Environment can be created.

In order to make the Upcoming Architects Realize their Role in the Betterment of Society, as well as their Responsibility towards Nature, the Need of the Hour, is to adopt Bottom-up Approach & Provide them with Parallel Education.

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