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Parametric Workshop | 6, 7, 8, 9 & 16, January 2022

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Session Overview

Powerpack 5-day Workshop designed to kickstart your journey on Parametric Architecture & Computational Design Domain.

Introduction and in-depth lessons on Rhino & Grasshopper.

Exploring the realms of Data Structure in Architecture and Computation, followed by thorough dive into plugins like Kangaroo, Weaverbird & Mesh+Form Finding of Designs using Algorithms and Mathematical Processes with Integrated Design Competition.

Taking methods of Antoni Gaudi’s & Frei Otto’s Form Finding a notch ahead through Simulation in Computational Design.


Learn about Digital Fabrication and Execution of Parametric Projects with Leading Architect in the Field.


Virtual Exhibition

The Workshop will involve the Participants Collaborating with each other and Designing a Conceptual Project with the Learned Concepts.




Parametric Architecture & Form Finding


Rhinoceros & Grasshopper 3D


Kangaroo, Weaverbird, Mesh+

Online Live Interactive Sessions on 6th-9th & 16th January 2022 | 11AM to 6 PM 



Day 01
  • Introduction to Parametric Architecture and its evolution.
  • Introduction to Rhinoceros 3D GUI
  • Modelling Procedure
  • Grasshopper GUI & Basic Functionality
  • Simple & Referenced Geometry, Locally Defined Geometry, Baking, etc.
  • Lists & Data Management
  • Data Manipulation & Visualization
  • Surface Tessellations
  • Attractor points & curves
Day 02
  • Differential Geometry Analysis

  • Explorations of Patterns and Geometric Designs

  • Working with Grids (Rectangular, Triangular, Hexagonal)

  • Parametric Facades Explorations

  • Study and development of Parametric Skyscraper Designs

  • Visibility Analysis*

  • Visualization & Rendering

  • Documentation



Ar. Chinmay Gaur 

Co-Founder - Equim Private Limited

Chinmay Gaur always had keen interest in coding and therefore, pursued it further in architecture by applying the concepts of parametric architecture and computational design in his practice. For the thesis project during college, his research on 'the span of the evolution of Architecture in India’ explored parametric style that is the future of architecture.
He was working at Design Forum International, New-Delhi before he co-founded his architectural and educational firm. Having great passion for revolutionizing the education of architects, he has given many Guest Lectures and Webinars.

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Previous Iterations



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"In this Pandemic, I have already done 2 workshops...but none of the faculty had this level of dedication and also this level of interactive workshop. With the amount of patience Chinmay Sir cleared our doubts and that to one to one...is what the student's satisfaction is! Yes, having a competition after the workshop is surely the best introduction from the Equim! You've set the standard for all the workshops being conducted online! Feeling proud to become part of this Community Finally, I am PARAMETRIZED!"

Rupin Kasliwal


Parametrically Designed Underwater Set as Presented in Parametrized January 2021 Session

Registration Charges/Entry

Early Bird Registration

₹ 5,999* / $ 99

Standard Registration

₹ 8,999* / $ 142

*GST charges extra.

group / student entries, drop a message in the chatbox for exciting offers. 

Limited Seats Available!

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