Let the vision drive you!

We would love to have talented, curious, and enthusiastic individuals become part of the Equim family.


Expand your expertise on relevant profiles and let's make some great work possible!

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Interns with Kryptonite!

Architectural Blogger

Got the flair for writing?


Allow your words to paint informative and interesting blogs to find an audience.

Let's get you that readership you deserve.

Graphic Designer

If you like to make art and design posts that stand out as well as communicate the message in a smart and happening way, we'll be glad to have you on board.

Architectural Intern

You've got a mind that never settles for readymade answers but seeks to innovate ideas and design possibilities in architecture with a sharp eye for detail and a deep desire for learning?

Here's your chance. 

Educators (Mentors)

Great ideas have a greater purpose and that can become a reality when you are skilled at passing your expert mentorship to intellectually curious students of art & architecture.