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Redefining Architecture

Equim Designs, envisioning a green future.

We believe art and architecture are always meant to break barriers to experiment with the “new” each time. Therefore, new-age tools in design become part of structural thinking and paradigm-shifting as a response to the need to emulate ideas complementing a sustainable future. At Equim, we combine nature-inspired art styles with conventional know-how backed with artificial intelligence meant to inspire endless possibilities in the times to come.

Our designs seek to merge minimalism with adaptive techniques passionately brought together to birth cutting-edge structures. The parametric design systems are the generative tools in our architectural design which are based on various algorithms offering increased computational control over design geometry during design activity.

The fact that there’s no end to the architectural parameters. The desire to create sustainable, smart architectural designs. We believe architecture is beyond the bounds of mere design and construction. For us, it’s an art that is meant to be realistic. It is where the creative sight to identify the congruence of walls and the soul of properties lay.

We believe in working for the future while keeping our foundation of art intact. Providing our clients with services that encapsulate a sustainable, adaptive, and responsive architecture, we endeavour to achieve our goals through the minimalist styles of the present.

We translate your vision into artistic realities.


Creating bespoke designs.

An art you live with.

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Architects & Planners:

Design Consultancy
Renovation & Restoration
Façade Consultancy

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Interior Designers:

Residential & Commercial Decor
Conceptualising & theme setting
Lighting design
Furniture design
Colour Consulting

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Architectural Visualizers:

Photo-realistic visualizations
Walkthrough animation of the projects

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Computational Designers

Efficient form and functional built mass

Indian principles with modern technology

Optimized & sustainable designs

Our projects
Echo art & class

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What sets us apart?

MODERN INDIAN - Our buildings portray the language of modern-Indian
designs and positive energies induced through Vastu compliant and energy-
efficient buildings. 

SUSTAINABLE - Inspired and devised using natural and recycled materials, our
designs seek to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings such
as carbon footprint.

INTELLIGENT - From mathematical and algorithm-based to computational and
parametric designs, our every solution is derived from intensive research and

BIM PROCESS - Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-
based process that provides insights and tools to efficiently plan, design,
construct, and manage buildings and optimised infrastructure.


To unite original thinking with responsible design structures so that it impacts sustainability and embodies a sense of meaning and purpose.


Whether a bespoke and intimate project or an intense, grand thought piece, we aim to bring both of these to life; minuscule and maximum, with equal vigour, passion and refinement. A young, modern and individualistic approach
to provide a seamless experience which crafts imagination into reality.

With a keen sense of sustainable architecture, parametric design and conceptual cognizance, our skilled team of professionals create responsible & intelligent designs and views using digital innovation and visualization. A strong sense of responsibility forms the pillars of our beliefs - on-time delivery, quality execution and cost sensibility with high standards of work help us exceed expectations.

At Equim, we thirst for the sharp, sublime, soulful and
sustainable. We thirst for equal to extraordinary.

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Get in touch with us.

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