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Parametric Workshop | 5 Days | 19, 20, 26, 27 Feb & 5 Mar, 2022  




Be a part of the 4 days extensive workshop on Parametric Design and the role of AI in Architecture "AI-Urbanized".

The technique of computational thinking marks a paradigm shift where the relationship between elements is used to shape and dictate the form of the geometries. With computational thinking, the focus shifts from modeling the geometries to the process of defining geometries.

In AI-Urbanized, we share deep insights on how we can comprehend, proctor, quantify, and computationally design spaces of any scale. 



Virtual Exhibition

The Workshop will involve the Participants Collaborating with each other and Designing a Conceptual Project with the Learned Concepts.


Event Details

Topic: Environmental & Geo-Urban Analysis

Software: Rhinoceros & Grasshopper 3D

Plugins covered: Ladybug, Honeybee, Wallacei, Human, and many more

Duration: 5 days

Time: 11 AM to 5 PM

Mode: Online Live Interactive Sessions


Day Wise Lookup

Day 01

  • Introduction to Grasshopper

  • Introduction to Rhino

  • Role of Environmental Design

  • Environmentally responsive design case studies

  • Energy Efficiency (Macro & Micro Scale)

  • Day Light Analysis

  • Solar Study & Ray Tracing

  • Real time radiation analysis

  • Comfort Analysis

  • Form finding and View Rose Modeling

  • Maximizing views while minimizing Sun Exposure

  • Data Comparisons: Visualizing, Analysis & Inferences

Day 02

  • Quantifying visual access to Scenery

  • Form finding via Visual Quantification

  • Extracting and City Map in Layers

  • Mapping Human activity to Quantify Spaces

  • Case Studies

  • Mapping Human Interaction in the City

  • Drawing inferences & hotspots for design intervention*

  • Illustrating the urban study in an animation*

  • Identifying site based on Human Comfort at Building & Urban Level*


Day 03

  • Facade manipulation based on Movement & Environmental Studies

(Generative Learning)

  • Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEA)

  • Introduction to MOEA

  • Process of MOEA

  • Optimizations through MOEA

  • Simulating Human Movement and Way Finding

  • Introduction to Space Syntax

  • Process & Applications of Space Syntax*

  • Space Syntax Simulation to identify the important routes*

Day 04

  • Design Studio Excercise

  • Collaboration and Design based on Architectural Agents

Day 05

  • Design Studio Virtual Exhibition

  • Design Reviews

  • Workshop Culmination

Who Should Attend

  • Architectural Students & Professionals with Parametric Aspirations

  • Beginner & Intermediate Users of Computational Design Domain

  • Designers wanting to test out new methods of Designing and Form Finding

  • Students aiming for insights into the practical Architecture Industry

  • Basic Knowledge of Grasshopper & Rhino is required


About the Mentor

Ar. Piyush Prajapati 

Computational Urban Designer

Piyush Prajapati is an architect and a computational urban designer working majorly in Dubai and India. He graduated from GCA, Lucknow, India (2014) India and was awarded the Best Architectural Project in India by the Council of Architecture.


He, later on, went to pursue Masters in Machine Learning Urbanism from Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, where he holds the Computational Award for his research (2019). He holds felicitations by the President of India and many other international podiums. He is also an Advisory Member of IJMAR.

His design research is currently running in an Exhibition at Pompidou Centre, Paris, under the theme of Simulated Intelligence: Neurons. He holds expertise in Artificial intelligence and its role in design and architecture. His main works focus on the amalgamation of computer intelligence and human intelligence to yield better design results.  

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(Previous Iterations)

Participants' Explorations


Rupin Manoj Kasliwal.jpg

"In this Pandemic, I have already done 2 workshops...but none of the faculty had this level of dedication and also this level of interactive workshop. With the amount of patience Chinmay Sir cleared our doubts and that to one to what the student's satisfaction is! Yes, having a competition after the workshop is surely the best introduction from the Equim! You've set the standard for all the workshops being conducted online! Feeling proud to become part of this Community Finally, I am PARAMETRIZED!"

Rupin Kasliwal



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