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Design for the Future

Eco-urban Analysis Workshop 

Role of A.I. & M.L. in Architecture

An extensive Workshop on Parametric Design & AI in Architecture - a unit of Parametrized Series 

Inspiring a mind shift in design-thinking


Solar Analysis, Environmental Analysis, 
Generative Designs, Visual and Human Comforts,
Geo-Urban Analysis, Integrated design competition


Deva Dharshini.jpg

Deva Dharshini

"It was just a dream, before 5 days just installed grasshopper and now working on the designs. Getting a good mentor is very difficult but he was extraordinary. I was very lucky to be a part of this workshop and very enthusiastic to take one step forward in my architecture life. The competition was very good and fun working with random people from india. Loved the way the workshop went on. I hope i start practicing every day. Thanks for having me as a part in the workshop. And very thankful for helping me to start my parametric design process. Thanks♥️♥️"

About this workshop

A 4 days extensive workshop on Parametric Design and the role of AI in Architecture, AI-Urbanized is an intensive workshop designed to deliver key learnings and explorations in the technique of Computational Thinking where the relationship between elements is used to shape and dictate the form of geometries.

In AI-Urbanized, we tap into the deep insights developed on how we can comprehend, proctor, quantify, and computationally design spaces of any scale.

26| 27| 28 Feb

Virtual Exhibition on

7th March

11 AM - 5 PM

Early Bird Registration

₹ 6,499/-*

Before 7th February

Standard Registration

₹ 8,999/-*

After 7th February

Piyush Prajapati_01_Website.jpg

Ar. Piyush Prajapati

Piyush Prajapati is an architect and a computational urban designer from Bartlett School, UCL, working majorly in Dubai and India. His work focuses on unifying digital tools such as machine learning, Big data, digital humanities into the architectural world thereby harnessing best design outputs.

His design research is currently running in an Exhibition at Pompidou Centre, Paris, under the theme of Simulated Intelligence: Neurons. He holds expertise in Artificial intelligence and its role in design and architecture.

Mr. Prajapati holds many titles including felicitations by President of India and recognitions such as that from the Future Architecture Program, Museum of Architecture, Slovenia, for his ideas. He is also an Advisory Member of IJMAR (International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research).

Workshop Mentor

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